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September BINGO

Since Fall is here and the kiddos are back to school it is time for some adult shopping game time! I thought I would put a fun spin on things for you to spend money - I mean it is shopping (which who doesn't love, especially when it is online) and a game (again it is online so you can craft while you game - what could be better - I know there are a few things but come on humor me will ya!) 

The Rules:

Not many but the few that I do have are pretty basic! 

1. Download the card. Right click on the bingo card and then copy it. Paste it into a writing document you can print from and then print it. Then find something on the card you want to buy! (I have made each row and column so there is a good selection of things and a mix of low price points along with the bit more in price point) Both you and I will track your card. Once you purchase something, I will start a card for you on this end too.

2. Fill a Row or Column. Once you do this a Surprise Bag will be sent out to you! (Just like when we were kids and went to the store and got the surprise bags of candy BUT this time it will have CRAFT stuff in it!) Rows can be completed by going up/down, across, and diagonal. 

3. Once you complete a Row or Column you are NOT done! No there is more you can get! If you complete the whole SHEET you will have 2 choices of prizes! Mystery Box A or Mystery Box B, both are a surprise! 

4. Last rule is to HAVE FUN! 

The Bingo card will run for ALL of September and depending on the success of it I will do a different game for next month!