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October Bingo

Want to win some fun stuff! Let's play a bingo game! Some of the clues to the answers will be super easy while others will be take a small bit of hunting. The answers can be found on the website. 

How to play:

  • right click on one of the 3 (or all 3) of all of the bingo cards that are below. 
  • Every night around 6 pm a new clue will be posted along with the answer for the clue from the day before. The answer will be posted in the Facebook group, Facebook Page and on Instagram.
  • When you have a full row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) then send me a message @ and I will send you out a prize! 
  • You can then continue on to get a full card if you would like for a bigger prize! 


                                     Bingo Card # 1

                                          Bingo Card # 2



                                           Bingo Card # 3