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Help us get a GRANT please!

I have spoken about my dream of having a store front. BUT it was never just going to be a store front, it was going to be a place people could gather. A place people could come and learn. A place where people could come and try new machines and products. A place where if you didn't have it or couldn't afford it then we would figure it out - together. This dream, as most dreams do, has evolved over time. It has grown bigger and in my mind even better. I want this place to truly be a place that people come and create - together. Build friendships and grow. I want a place for someone who can't afford to get all the things for sublimation, to be able to come and do what they need to in order to create with sublimation. Need a heat press, don't worry we have one, come and use it. Want to learn how to work with clay, come on by, we will find someone to come and help you learn. 

Have you ever read a book where they have the knitting clubs or the baking clubs and they build a whole community around that? THIS this is my dream! 

Do you want to be a part of this journey? Do you want to help others or just have a place to gather so that you don't feel alone while crafting? This will be it! 

Go to this link to NOMINATE The Crafter's Hub Vinyl & More. Tell them how we have helped you or how you think we help our community. Tell them about our monthly crafters or the consignment shop. If you are one of the ones we have individually helped be sure to tell them about that. The grant is all about our impact within the community. I truly think we could do more for our community and with your help I honestly believe we can!

Thanks to all of you!