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Affiliate Links Page for Amazon

We want to share some of our recent purchases from Amazon with you that we found super helpful or just really cool. 
(Keep in mind, if you click on any of these links to enjoy the same product we did, we get a small commission from Amazon for promoting it. We would have yelled these items from the rooftop anyway but hey might as well make a bit from too.)

Stuff For Your Home 

Do you have a tight space and no room for a closet? When renovating our basement we found that is what happened in our granddaughter's room. This is a great solution for that; best of all, it is trendy looking. 




Baby Needs

Who isn't afraid of trimming their baby's nails, for fear of cutting them? I have done this and wish this product was around when my kids were babies.   
Babies can be super fussy with the nipples on bottles. Dr. Brown has amazing bottle nipples with various sizes to grow with your baby. 
Dr. Brown bottles are amazing for reducing colic, spit-up, burping, and gas, resulting in a more comfortable feeding experience for baby. Only bottles used in our home! 

Gifts For Kids

 Fine Motor is a very important skill to work on with Preschool age children. School is just around the corner for them. Give them a head start with this tracing book. 
Blippi is a huge hit in our home, as are trains and cars. This paperback book is a fun starter book. 



Baseball is a huge sport in our little community. Get out there and help your little one improve their gross motor skills while learning to catch and throw.

Crafting Blanks