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20% Monthly Winners

I LOVE making things easy for crafters! I know how hard it is! When I started the store I wanted to make a place where people could feel like they were the focal point! A place where it wasn't about me and the store BUT about YOU the crafter! 

This is when I came up with the 20% off Monthly Winners. It is so easy and you never really need to think about how it works or what the rules are because it is so easy! 

FIRST - SHOP! That is it. Buy your supplies! For every $25 you spend, before tax and shipping, during the month your name is entered into a draw. So spend $75, you get 3 entries! 

SECOND - On the first of each month I will enter all the names in a raffle generator and pick TWO lucky crafters! I will announce who won and message you with a code for the new month. 

THIRD - SHOP but this time every time during that month you will get 20% off! 

So shop in one month (October for example) and be entered into a draw. On the first of the next month (November continuing with the example), two names are drawn and TWO CRAFTERS win 20% off for a WHOLE MONTH on EVERY PURCHASE they make! 

See I told you, it is that EASY!