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My mind is blown!!!!

Ok, OMG seriously WHY???? Why did I not switch years ago?!?!

I have known for a while now that Cricut is just a company that is ONLY out for one thing and one thing alone! Your MONEY!!! They do upgrades that really don't benefit many people and the sad thing is you don't even realize this until you start to learn the Silhouette platform. 

I will go into further details once summer is here and I have help during the day from my husband. Granddaughter duty is a full time job in itself lol BUT for now here are the BIG differences that I noticed straight away! 

Slicing - You don't need a shape to slice the object with - You literally take the knife tool (which by the way looks like a knife) and slice the object! 

Test cut - Yes this is a feature on it so you don't waste anything! It will literally cut a small square in the material where there is available space without having to do a separate piece. 

Print and Cut - Okay serious GAME CHANGER here! It prints and cuts A WHOLE FREAKING SHEET! Like whatever size you need! WT actual Harry Potter magic is this! 

SVG - You can create an SVG and then send it to someone! Like you can remove your WORK from the program to use elsewhere! 

Mats - THIS ONE right here is HUGE! You don't need to use a mat for 90% of the things you do. You can seriously just use your vinyl and adjust the rollers and CUT! NO special vinyl that costs as much as gas right now - just your regular vinyl! Like WHAT???? 

Designs - You design right on the mat or matless area! Seriously you design right there! Not in a random area - right on the mat. So when you send it to cut ALL you are doing is choosing your cut settings. (Seriously wish there were emojis on this blog because I would be throwing the mind blown one around with every statement.)

Silhouette Studio - It is not needed to be connected to the internet to use it! You load the program onto your computer and viola it works! You could go deep into the woods to design, provided you have a good battery on your device. You can't cut your stuff BUT you can totally design! 

If you want certain features then you pay a ONE TIME FEE - once and only once - for the upgraded software. 

Multiple designs - You can design multiple designs at one time without having to open multiple windows! 

I will do a more in-depth blog AND video in the summer! Until then though consider this machine! I got mine brand new off of Facebook Market place for $225! 

Happy Crafty Y'all

Tonya xo

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