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  • When Your Dreams take a Detour

    I remember when I started to plan out the dreams I had for opening a new store. It would be the kind of store you read about in a Debbie Macomber b...
  • New To The Vinyl World - Tips and Tricks

    If you are new to the world of vinyl and are super confused, you are not alone! Everyone has started exactly where you are right now. Everyone. At some point, every person is a beginner at something. The length of time we are a beginner is what is different for everyone. Some learn a new skill super quickly while others take a bit longer. The length of time it takes someone to learn does NOT determine their skill level though, not one bit. 
  • A New Year and A New You? The New Year's Resolution Trend

    The holidays are over. The feasting, the gifts, the indulging ourselves in pleasures we normally would avoid is quickly coming to an end. The dread...
  • The most stressful - I mean wonderful time of the year!

     Why do we cause ourselves the stress of making sure the holidays are perfect while we just feel like screaming? We do it for the memories others will gain from it. Well at least that is what we tell ourselves. 
  • Democracy Needs You!

    “Love and hate, what a beautiful combination …. I love to hate you!”, this is a song from Erasure called I Love to Hate You and it truly sums up so...
  • To Each Their Own - How Perspective Alters Things

    Seriously though, one person's experiences against someone else's experiences are going to vary, even if just a bit. This is because we all have different lives which provide us with different experiences. We will never truly know what those experiences have done to create a bias in someone and therefore we can't truly ever say that we completely understand what they are experiencing.
  • Crafts & Tattoos: A Summer for Mental Health

    Has fear ever kept you away trying from something new? Has something someone said kept you from something you have been longing to try? 

    Why are our things that go the opposite of how society feels they should so embarrassing? Why do we feel the need to hide our feelings and not discuss them, making them worse? 

    I want to talk about it! I want people to know that 'hey you aren't alone and you are seen'. 

  • My mind is blown!!!!

    Ok, OMG seriously WHY???? Why did I not switch years ago?!?! I have known for a while now that Cricut is just a company that is ONLY out for one t...
  • Confidence .... Something We All Have

    Have you ever been in a funk and just not felt like doing anything that normally brings you joy?  Have you ever told yourself that there is no poi...
  • Anniversary Week Day One

    I can NOT believe it has been two years since I was able to start my dream! While there have been bumps in the road, I like calling them learning ...
  • Who am I?

    I am definitely not a person who will shy away from public speaking or really speaking at all. I am even a person who can whip up a good article ab...
  • You are Worth More Than Less

    First of all if you are participating in the scavenger hunt, CONGRATS on finding the last clue. At the end of the blog post you will find the image...