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Wanna Build a ...... Not a Snowman! A Notecard Box!

Although you can totally add snowmen to it and that would be totally OK! It would definitely have my seal of approval. I am writing this blog while rocking a baby seat with a wee little one in it with my foot and listening to chill hits on Spotify. She JUST fell asleep, so I better type quickly. 

I have mentioned so many times that you are probably so tired of hearing it by now BUT I LOVE PAPER! I LOVE paper crafting! I love the many amazing things you can create with paper - even simple paper pages from books. You should see the amazing things one of my best friends creates! If she ever is brave enough I will have her share some of her things on here! Apparently not everyone enjoys writing OR even public speaking like I do. Who knew. Not me! 

We are going to create this today! 

It is a card holder that will hold about 5 - 3.5" x 5" gift cards and envelopes. It is so pretty and so sturdy! AND best of all it brings back personal letter writing! I tried to find stationary a while ago and couldn't really find too much! I love writing little cards and notes to people. You could even fill this with the stationary that you create. That will be for another blog though! It is very fun to make! I was tempted to do a video for it but one of my favorite YouTube creators already did one and I took the idea from her so she might as well be the one to visually teach you. Her name is The Paper Pixie. I am going to break it down here though and post a link for her video at the end. 

Step One

The first thing you need to do is find a piece of card stock you like. This one I chose is from a Flora Collection Paper Pack I carry. The sheet needs to be 8.5" x 11". You will need a paper trimmer if it isn't this size yet. 

Step Two

You will need to score this piece of paper at the following places. (If you don't have a scoring board, you can use your paper trimmer and either a scoring tool or a pen with the ink ball retracted. Score down the line where the cutting blade is.)

Score @ 

  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock
    • Score along 8-1/2″ side at 5/8″, 1-5/8″, 6-7/8″, and 7-7/8″
    • Score along 11″ side at 2-5/8″, 3-5/8″, 7-3/8″, and 8-3/8″
      • Make tick marks at 6-3/4″
      • Score at 10″ only down to the 1st horizontal score line

Once you have scored it all cut the places that are x'd out on this diagram. 

Once everything is cut, fold and burnish all the scored areas. It will look like this. 

Step Three 

You will want to put tape or glue (I used double sided tape) and tape all the highlighted areas. HEY did you know that if you are reading this blog you are extra lucky! Why you ask - well if you use the code luckyme between 6 pm to 11 pm tonight March 11, 2022 you will get 20% off. After that it will 13% until Sunday night at midnight. So THANK YOU for reading this blog! 

I have attached an image that will show where to tape. The blue is taped while looking at the inside of the box. The pink is flipped over looking at the back of it. The blue pieces of tape only need to be 2.5" long.  

Step Four 

You now want to take the the tape off of the two bottom tabs and fold them into the third section side panel. Like this 

Then bring the bottom piece up so it sits on top of the now folded piece. Release the side tape and attach to the sides of the box. 

Step Five 

Bring the top side flaps in towards the top of the middle piece. Align it so that it is flush. 

Now decorate the front of your box and you are done. You can keep it closed with some nice ribbon or even attach a piece of velcro. I have made several of these now and love them! 

Here is the video from The Paper Pixie. Enjoy!

Happy Crafting Y'all! 

Tonya xoxo





  • Thank you for sharing. You make it seem so easy. Have you done a blog on making cards? I would love to learn how to make cards.

    Satwinder Stevens
  • OMG its sooo hard to not want to buy EACH pack of the paper you have, they are GORGEOUS and limitless options of what to create! I missed the big one, so not so lucky but…. 13 is just as good ;)

  • I am always jealous of your paper crafting skills! I have a hard time having the patience to make a card!! I’m usually bugging you to make sure I have the orientation and dimensions right lol you’re my paper queen! I love all the paper packs you carry. They are so pretty, plus not only are they great for crafting but they make amazing photo backgrounds too!

    You’re amazing! Keep on teaching!! 💕

  • Thank you for sharing! These are adorable and more simple than I thought!

    Lynsey Wighton
  • I really like that you’re posting how to videos. Both inspiration and instructional.


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